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Here's a look into our culture, beliefs, and the crew that powers the ship!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


We solve problems and create positive change by focusing on providing value through a true partnership.


Through Compass, our user-centered design process, we use qualitative and quantitative data to iterate solutions into a product-market fit.


Our UX team prioritizes WHAT, while our engineering team executes robust applications in Ruby on Rails, React.js & React Native.

What We Value

Our Guiding Manifesto

Diagnose Before We Prescribe

Doctors diagnose before they prescribe and we’re no different. Compass, our user-centered design process does the same.

Never Stop Learning

We believe in learning and all of our crew members dedicate 20% of their week to continuing their education.


We promise 100% transparency in all phases of working with us. Everything from our systems to our billing is completely transparent. Have a question? Just ask!

People Over Profit

We believe in people helping people. We make decisions based on what creates more value for people (partners & crew members), not the bottom line.

Outcomes, Not Features

We care about generating specific outcomes and continuously creating more value. We iterate features to course correct and hit goals.

Collaboration is Key

Successful collaboration with inclusion, transparency, and empowerment enables autonomous progress across the board.

Build With Purpose & Empathy

A deep understanding of our users drives us to empathize and develop compassion for the problems they have. Enabling us to craft the right solution that enables empowerment.

All Ideas are Equal

Our workshop-based approach guided by Compass ensures that everyone has a voice and all ideas are heard. All ideas are equally validated and tested.

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We navigate with Compass to build successful products.

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Meet the Team

Strategists, Designers, Developers, Dreamers & Doers.

We have a diverse team with a plethora of experience in building products in different industries and verticals. Here's a look at our growing team, visit their individual page to learn more about them and see the articles they've written!


Tess Griffin



Jason Beck



Tra Tran



Jon Kinney

Partner & Development Lead


Noah Settersten



Tim Gremore



Andrew Verboncouer

Partner & Design Lead


Gabi Procell



Mark Miranda



Eric Verboncouer

Partner & Developer


Billy Sweetman



Tommy Byrne



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We can take any type of project, but we only work with specific technologies that we are deep experts in and with clients who respect and embrace our systems. You should only partner with us on what we are great at.

We don’t take every project that comes our way, and we’re not always the best fit for every customer. That doesn’t mean we’re right, and everyone else is wrong, it just means that we’re different.

We diagnose before we prescribe. We show you a deliverable every two weeks. We’re looking for clients that value our knowledge, respect our process and want a partner, not another firm.

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