Chris Schmitz

Partner / Developer

About Chris

Hailing from Omro, WI by way of Oshkosh, Chris brings years of expertise in development, sales, and strategy to our team. He’s also a very frugal man who brings things like the word, "No" to our leadership. Chris, who is our resident Yerba Mate drinker has a passion for furthering our local development community which is made apparent through his many contributions to organizations like Digital Fertilizer and Startup Weekend. A man of details, Chris swears by his favorite tools: Omnifocus, and Sunrise, where he always maintains a GTD focus. Although, Chris loves conquering his work community, he loves his wife Pam and their two sons more which is where he spends his time away from Headway. Whether he’s doing huge pow turns on his snowboard, running, playing tennis, or on one of his many family travels to Florida, he’ll surely be adorning his trademarked infectious smile. Hugs are a specialty for Chris so if you spot him at a meeting or around town keep an eye out because you’ll be hard pressed to stay out of his embrace.

"Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will."

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