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Andrew Verboncouer

Who We Are

We'd like to welcome you to Headway! We're four entrepreneurs from Wisconsin. At it's conception, Headway consists of myself (Andrew Verboncouer), Chris Schmitz, Eric Verboncouer (Brother) & Jon Kinney.

Chris and I started working together when we co-founded Digital Fertilizer, a non-profit organization that puts on events & training to cultivate the startup community of Northeast Wisconsin. Chris has been a full-time developer for the past 7+ years and has been leading up development training at DevTrain for the past year. Eric and I were previously creating web and mobile apps at VERBS for the past 10+ years. Our values and interests have always meshed well. A couple months ago we began having conversations about creating a new company that was focused on customer-driven product development.

What We Believe

One of the most important factors to us was building the open company and culture that we’ve always wanted. We discussed our goals on every level from family to community involvement to how we believe we should work together internally and with our clients. We love doing things we’re passionate about with people who are passionate about what they do.

Passion alone isn't enough; we believe in trust, transparency, and close knit collaboration. We strive to help our clients create the right products to solve the right problems through customer feedback and iteration. We hope to create an exponential impact on our community, both online and offline.

With our focus set, we've created a new brand that truly reflects our approach to projects as well as our overall strategy & goals.

Introducing Headway

We’re so excited to be continuing our journey as Headway.

We believe that making progress through more scientific and data-driven processes like validated learning and iterative development creates the best environment for successful projects. With this in mind, Headway, synonymous with progress, aims to communicate our methodologies. The wave in our logo is a single wavelength cycle that represents our sprint and agile based approach.

Services We're Offering

We're focused on what we do best, where we can use our expertise end experience to create the most value.

Our services include UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Application Development and Training.

Some examples of projects we’re currently taking on include:

  • Product Design Sprints
  • Prototypes for Collecting Customer Feedback
  • Creating an MVP
  • Filling a gap until an internal team is hired
  • Staff Augmentation with existing internal team
  • Maintenance Retainers
  • Company Training
  • Design & Development Workshops

Thanks for Joining Us

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our branding, direction, and would love to discuss a solution that’s going to help automate and create value for your startup or company.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! Follow us on Twitter - @headwayio.

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Work With Us

We can take any type of project, but we only work with specific technologies that we are deep experts in and with clients who respect and embrace our systems. You should only partner with us on what we are great at.

We don’t take every project that comes our way, and we’re not always the best fit for every customer. That doesn’t mean we’re right, and everyone else is wrong, it just means that we’re different.

We diagnose before we prescribe. We show you a deliverable every two weeks. We’re looking for clients that value our knowledge, respect our process and want a partner, not another firm.

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