Our Approach

Almost any idea or product can be built, but does it create enough value? Do your customers want it? Like a ship's navigational instruments at sea, our process helps us steer along the journey from idea to product-market fit.


Understand & Empathize

Diagnose Before Prescribing

Great collaborations result in great work. Your participation from start to finish is crucial. We rely on your expertise and feedback throughout the process to understand your business and your challenges. It’s all powered by partnership.

Collaboration & Goals

Every project starts with collaboration. We learn everything about you, collectively define the project, set goals for the weeks to come, and determine metrics for success.

Where did you start?
Where do you want to go next?
What do you value?
Who are your customers and why do they care about you?

Who is your competition and what are their strengths?
What opportunities exist for you to stand out?

Competitive Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your industry, and learn through observation, research, and analysis.

User Empathy

We continuously put ourselves in the shoes of your users to empathize with their problems, understand their emotions, their experiences, and validate that we’re on the right path.

Who is your audience and how do they think?
What problems are they having that your company is eager and able to solve?
How can we validate every step along the way?


Validate Assumptions

Qualitative & Quantitative Testing

In every phase of our process, we use lean principles and agile methodologies to validate features, usability, user perception, and patterns. We use the build-measure-learn cycle to analyze both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of every test or release, and adjust our path accordingly for the next iteration.



Create Testing Vehicle

During our build phase, we create the appropriate vehicles to test our hypothesis. These are a combination of code, prototypes, surveys, and user interviews.



Analyze Outcomes & Metrics

We think critically about the data we’ve collected during the current iteration and use it to inform our next hypothesis to continuously improve and course-correct.



User Testing & Data Collection

We track nearly all user activity through a set of passive and active analytics to understand not only who is using your app, but how they are using it.


Designed for Progress

Continuous Improvement

Transparency is at the center of every step in our process. From our first engagement through production deployment, open and honest communication is the key that determines how efficient and effective we can be.

Daily Standups

Our daily standup meetings give your stakeholder an opportunity to collaborate with our team to gauge the pulse of the overall project.

What did you accomplish yesterday?
What do you aim to accomplish today?
Is anything blocking you from making progress?

What did you accomplish this sprint?
What are some of the decisions and thought
processes that went into the product?

Sprint Review

At the end of every sprint, we demo our progress from the previous 2 weeks so you know exactly where we stand.


After each sprint, we explore and discuss any hiccups or praises that occurred along the way. Making trust and collaboration the core of our process helps us communicate and execute better over time.

What went well?
What went poorly?
What can we improve on?


Process Overview

Tying Everything Together

Here's an overview of Compass and how our sprint process works.


Project Kickoff

& Discovery

Diagnose Before Prescribing

Collaboration & Goals

Competitive Analysis

User Interview & Empathy

Validate Assumptions

Create Testing Vehicle

User Testing & Data Collection

Analyze Outcomes & Metrics

Designed for Progress

Daily Standups

Sprint Reviews



Pricing & Billing

Sprint Based Billing

Our pricing and billing process is straight forward, no frills, and fully transparent. Our goal is to continuously deliver value through insights, progress, and allow you to see where your investment is going.

Bi-Weekly Billing

Our billing cycle is synced directly with our 2-week sprint cycle, so you know exactly how your investment was allocated.

Sprint Duration: 2 Weeks

64 Hours / Sprint / Member


We bill based on the number of crew that are active on your project during the previous sprint, and the actual number of hours invested. Max of 64 hours / sprint / member.

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