2018 Holiday Gifts - Fuel to Make Waves

Jacob Miller
2018 Holiday Gifts - Fuel to Make Waves

Every year around the holidays we create and send gifts to our clients, partners, and team. We do this in alignment with one of our core values, which is to be people focused. Taking the time to craft a gift and share our gratitude is important to us. We believe that investing into the relationships we have has a direct reflection upon the work we do and the opportunities that come our way.

Check out what we did last year.

Fuel to Make Waves

For the 2018 holiday season, we decided to send out custom designed coffee mugs accompanied by freshly roasted coffee from Luna Coffee Roasters in De Pere. Last year we only sent out coffee, but this year we wanted to complete the ensemble with something they could hold on to. Literally.

Make Waves” is a phrase we use within the Headway brand to describe the idea of going out and creating, building, or doing something you believe in. We wanted to share that feeling of inspiration and energy on the coffee mugs and the custom coffee bags. The coffee roasted was renamed “Wave Maker” to complement the mug design.

Greeting cards and brew guide

Within the package, we also placed a greeting card signed by our crew that has a brew guide on the back to assist them in their coffee brewing experience. We then sealed the packages with Make Waves tape and Headway “special delivery” stamp for an authentic touch. Sam, Andrew, and I hand packed and dropped off all the packages at the post office for delivery.

We hope everyone enjoys the gifts we shared and we look forward to planning next year’s gift idea!


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