Introducing Seaworthy - A Podcast about Building Successful Software

Andrew Verboncouer
Introducing Seaworthy - A Podcast about Building Successful Software

What is Seaworthy

You have what you think is a great idea, now what? How do you rapidly test your idea and learn if there’s a need that people will use and most importantly, pay for?

Hosted by Chris Schmitz and I, we explore how we answer those very questions for both internal products and clients. We’ll be featuring special guests to discuss and unpack their first-hand experiences with startups, products, raising funding, gaining traction, handling growth, and more.

Why It’s Called Seaworthy

Let’s explore an anecdote. Imagine you’re stranded on an island and you knew you wouldn’t be rescued unless you build a ship to find another inhabited shore. Would you be able to figure out what you needed to not only set sail but survive the journey? Remember, your raft is small and you can’t carry much so you have to prioritize only what you need.

Is your product seaworthy or will it sink? If it sinks, you have to swim back to shore and use what you learned to build a better ship.

Learning from previous failures helps us get that much closer to success. With Seaworthy, we aim to show insights within our process on mitigating risk as well as showcasing and highlighting the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

Where to Listen

We’re publishing a new podcast episode every 2 weeks, so make sure you subscribe and follow us on Twitter (@seaworthyfm) for updates.

We’ll be using the Remarks podcasting app to display show notes as they’re discussed, ask questions, reply, and offer additional insights into the episode topics and guests. Learn more about Remarks here and download it on the app store to weigh in.

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If there’s a specific topic you want us to dive into, or a specific guest you want to hear from, let us know!


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