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Validate Ideas & Concepts with Compass

Our branded process to start your new product journey in the right direction. Build evidence and confidence toward a successful business.


Goals & Strategy

Using strategies from our approach, we’ve created two packages that put you on a path of accelerated learning.

"The startups that succeed are the ones who can learn enough before they run out of resources.”
- Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

We help you mitigate the risk of starting a new product or feature by giving you the most comprehensive view of your customers, market, and solution opportunities.

Our goal is to constantly move from doubt to certainty with every experiment, engagement, and interview.

Know Your Customer

Understand & Empathize with Customers to Make Better Business Decisions

Once you dive in and understand the problem, the right solution appears.

We put a high priority on learning about your market, your customer’s motivations, and learn what makes them purchase. With this information, you’ll truly understand the opportunities that exist to enhance the lives of your customers.

We have two time-boxed approaches that accelerate learning and help us prioritize value for your customers.


2 Weeks of Accelerated Learning

This short 2 week package dives into the problem space, maps out your business and user assumptions, and allows us to collectively rank them by order of highest risk.

We also interview potential customers to learn what motivates them to purchase and hire your product.

We'll take what we learned and create a wireframe of your MVP to start testing your idea in the wild.


2 Weeks

What you get

Lean Business Model Canvas

Business & User Assumptions

Risk Prioritization

User Interviews

Problem Space Definition

Market & Opportunity Analysis

Major Pain Points and Barriers

Solution Recommendations

MVP Learning Definition

Wireframed MVP


4 Weeks of Learning & Prototyping

This package is longer and more comprehensive.

The biggest upgrade with Voyage, is that you get beautiful lean branding and an in-depth clickable prototype to show customers and learn from their reactions, questions, and patterns. Feedback is always clearer when you can show something to your customers.


2-4 Weeks

What you get

Everything included in Expedition

Lean Branding

Clickable Prototype

Customer-Tested Prototype w/ Feedback

Feedback Analysis

Prioritized Roadmap

We can work on-site

and/or remotely.

Kick Your Project off Right

Use Compass to Build a Product That Customers Want

Compass is best executed on-site, however we use many efficient and effective remote tools to capture as much of the collaborative environment as possible if on-site is not an option.


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