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Tailgate Olympics

June 9, 2018

Event details

We partnered up with Badger State Brewing Company to have our first annual Bay Area Creative Club Tailgate Olympics event! We will be holding the event in their awesome Beer Garden area.

Games that have an impact

As a part of BACC's mission, all profits from this event will be donated to myTEAM TRIUMPH!

Drinks provided by Badger State Brewing

Each paid participant will receive two beer tokens to fill up on delicious brews on tap from Badger State Brewing.

Food sponsored by Thrivent Financial

Included with your admission ticket, we'll be serving up tailgate food thanks to Julie Coppersmith from Thrivent Financial. She's excited to be a part of the event and feed all the hungry teams!

How it's gonna go down...

At noon, We'll start the event with some food and fun conversations so everyone can eat and hang for a bit before we jump into the games. Around 12:45, we'll walk through all the rules of each game, how many games you play, and how the winners of the event will be chosen.

Games will go from 1 pm - 4 pm (or longer if necessary)

In order to make this event fun and efficient, every organization will need to break up into teams of two. The highest scoring team of two will represent your organization's final score. Start creating your dream teams now so you can increase your chances of taking home the trophy!

Organizations and teams of two are encouraged to create their own uniforms for the event!

We will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze to the top three companies. So get ready for closing ceremonies!


Cornhole - Score to exactly 11

Kan Jam - Score to exactly 11

Ladder Golf - Score to exactly 11

Tie Breaker Game - Beer Pong (No Drinking Required)


June 9, 2018

12:00 pm

Spread the Word!

Bring co-workers, friends, and anyone else you think would benefit from the community.

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