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Building SVG Line Charts in React

May 19, 2020

What you will learn

Guest presenter, Kelsey, developer at Headway shared the basics of building a line chart using SVGs and React JavaScript.

There are thousands of chart packages available via NPM, and she walked through the steps to build one from scratch!

📈Presentation resources

In the link above you will find a full walkthrough of the video presentation, links to the project to experiment with yourself, as well as helpful resources to allow you to dive deeper on your own.

Presentation segments

Why build a chart from scratch? - 0:50

Visual aids - 1:48

Container and axes - 2:23

Plotting points - 8:05

Horizontal guides - 12:12

Vertical guides - 13:54

SVG overview - 17:55

X-axis labels - 22:06

Y-axis labels - 30:59

Applying concepts to recharts - 31:14

Wrap-up/Q&A - 38:56

May 19, 2020

6:00 pm


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