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Is Your Startup Healthy or Hurting?

August 22, 2019

We've worked with over fifty startups not just building apps, but finding their place in the market and managing user requests post-launch. Put your idea in the hands of users successfully by making sure your startup is healthy and on the path to successful market entry.

What you'll learn

3 key pillars to build and launch a business on software

How to create successful products people will love

How to create a product roadmap that's user-focused and not feature-focused

How to find your startup's launch risks and how to monitor them

How to reduce customer churn

Tactics to prioritize customer requests and feedback

Free startup health assessment

Our startup health assessment will measure individual risk to cover practical management solutions for your startup. The workshop will not be recorded, and seats are limited because we want to give everyone a chance to get questions answered.

What some of our clients are saying

“I had never launched an app before, but with Headway they walked us through every step. They guided us through everything we needed.”

Scott Moody - CEO, RISE

“Your process and your team exceeded all of our expectations.”

Ryan Wright - CEO, BrandKenekt

“They will always act in your organization's best interests with a long-term view in mind, taking the time to understand your needs and challenges and helping to guide you to the optimal solution for your company.”

Verek Harnapp - Director of Operations, RISE

“Headway's insights into how to automate the process was detailed beyond the scope of my imagination. I knew what I wanted the software to do, but Headway saw the software could do even more.”

Kathy Schmitt - CEO & Founder, High 5 Academics

August 22, 2019

3:00 pm

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