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Intro to Testing with Jest & React Testing Library

January 21, 2020

What you'll learn

Testing is a critical part of the development process. There is no shortage of different ways to test our apps. This talk will give an intro to general testing principles and tools before diving into the specifics of testing React components using Jest and React Testing Library, the tooling recommended by the React core team.

This month's guest presenter, Chris Schmitz, Senior Software Engineer at Handshake, will teach you how to get started with Jest and the React Testing Library.

Jest Documentation

React Testing Library


0:00 - Intro and Agenda

2:23 - What is a React Test?

3:53 - Why Write Tests?

4:13 - Documentation

5:17 - Consistency

6:10 - Comfort and Confidence in Testing

7:29 - Productivity

8:16 - Types of Tests

10:14 - React Component Tests

12:36 - A Jest Test

15:10 - Walkthrough Begins

18:53 - Rendering Components for Testing

23:54 - Use DOM Testing Library for Querying the DOM

31:14 - Rendering and Testing with React Testing Library

35:11 - Simulating User Interaction

41:45 - Testing Async Code

49:00 - More Resources to Explore

January 21, 2020

5:30 pm

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