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Styling in React JS

April 21, 2020

Event recap and notes

Guest presenter Chris Held, developer at Headway, shared how to style your React app. Starting simple, using only css, then transitioning into more advanced styling concepts that can make React unique (and sometimes seem daunting for beginners).

Developer tools

Code Sandbox


Presentation segments:

Introduction to Styling in React - 1:22
What are we building in this lesson? - 2:18
What is CodeSandbox and why is it helpful? - 4:03
JSX and style Prop - 9:36
What is JSS? - 16:05
What is Material Design? - 23:16
Material UI - 24:50
Tailwind CSS - 37:10
Starting React app in CodeSandbox - 39:22
Sharing styles in a React app - 43:25
Sharing Styles across multiple projects or repositories - 46:12
Using JSS vs Styled Components - 52:30
Understanding Material UI Documentation (BIG TIME SAVER) - 1:08:15
Best Way to Get Started with React? - 1:16:27

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Please email Nico Glennon if you have any questions.

April 21, 2020

6:00 pm

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