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The Art of the Prototype - Presented by TitletownTech

November 13, 2019

What you'll learn

Don't waste time and money on an idea nobody wants. You don't have to build a prototype app with code. There are incredible no-code tools available to help you communicate your app ideas effectively at a low cost.

App prototypes can help you validate ideas, gain evidence for opportunities in the market, and help you understand what to build first.Whether you're looking to pitch your idea to customers, investors, or you're an innovation team that needs evidence to move a project forward, prototyping is a powerful tool to help you move forward.

As part of Startup Week Green Bay, Headway teamed up with TitletownTech to talk about the role of the early-stage artist, the three different prototypes, value profiles, and our tools of choice 👌🏻


0:19 - Introductions

1:30 - Overview

3:04 - The Cost of "No"

5:17 - Art of the Prototype

8:15 - Design Thinking

11:00 - Role of the Early-Stage Artist

14:51 - Types of Prototypes

24:50 - Role of the Early-Stage Artist Revisited

32:25 - Tools

Prototyping Tools





Photos from the event

people networking at titletowntech
presentation being given at titletowntech to audience on bleachers
man giving presentation in front of audience
young man presenting to audience at titletowntech

November 13, 2019

5:30 pm

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