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Startup Guide

Learn how to effectively communicate your product’s value through customer interviews.

Headway shares what we’ve learned performing hundreds of user interviews for product, marketing, and speaking your user’s language.

“You guys packed so much value into it without it feeling overwhelming. The guide identified a problem that I have and gave me a plan to follow with the tools I need to succeed.”

Kris Eul

Brian Russo

What's Inside

  • Gathering Powerful Testimonials
  • Finding Users to Interview
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Contacting Users for Interviews
  • What Questions to Ask
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Action Items to Improve Your Marketing
  • Analyzing User Feedback
  • Understanding Customer Language
  • Email Survey Template
  • Worksheets to Improve Your Process

“Before building anything, it's imperative to know what problem you're solving and how your product addresses core pain points. This provides detailed instruction in getting in front of the right people and obtaining the feedback needed in continuing to provide value.”

Kris Eul

Kris Eul

About the Authors

Andrew Verboncouer

Andrew Verboncouer

Andrew is a Partner and the Design Lead at Headway. His role includes leading product strategy, customer workshops, and the overall direction of design. He also hosts the Seaworthy Podcast about building successful software.

Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

Jacob is the Marketing & Brand Manager at Headway. His role includes elevating the work the team produces and helps produce better, more meaningful ways to communicate value and outcomes. Video, Photo, Motion, he does it all.

Billy Sweetman

Billy Sweetman

Billy is a Designer at Headway and helps to design effective solutions for our clients and their customers. Donning from the game world, he combines his visual eye with behavioral design.

Start Communicating Your Product's Value

Startup Guides

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