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How to Do Customer Interviews & Gain Valuable Insights

July 23, 2019

Event details

The design team at Headway will be sharing our process and approach to conducting a customer interview to get meaningful feedback on your designs.

Getting your designs in front of customers is important because it helps you build a product or website that customers actually want, enjoy using, and most importantly helps the business achieve the desired goal.

What you'll learn

We'll do a live interview on a product we are working on so you can see first hand what it can be like and identify opportunities to create or improve your own process.

After the interview, we'll have a Q&A and discuss past failures, key learnings, and what next steps would be on any project.

Free drinks and food will also be available during the event. We'll have time for networking and conversation before and after the presentation too!

July 23, 2019

5:30 pm


520 N Broadway Suite 390 · Green Bay, WI

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