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Managing Scalable Design Systems

May 26, 2020

What you will learn

In this video, you will learn how to properly manage design systems so you can adapt to product changes and keep your projects organized for everyone on your team.

Billy, Design Lead at Headway, will go through tips and tricks he has learned over the years, share design systems examples, and the best practices that have helped us manage our design systems and projects at Headway.

✅ Tracking and implementing new design requests
✅ Best practices for version control
✅ Managing documentation, updates, and your team with changes

Presentation segments

Iterations & Maintenance - 0:56

Intro - 1:33

Overview - 2:05

Keeping Things Clear - 3:16

Design Process - 3:54

Manage Status in a File - 5:35

Status Annotation Plugin - 10:36

Getting Historical - 13:15

Page-Based Versioning - 15:21

New File Versioning - 16:38

Component Versioning -19:29

Figma Version History - 21:17

Documentation - 23:33

People & Process -36:19

The Tool Box - 39:05

Q&A - 40:04


Shipwright UI Kit





Creating Design Systems Talk

Status Annotation Plugin

Google Sheet Sync


Versioning and Handoff Podcast

Versioning Design Systems

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Creating Scalable Design Systems

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🚢 Shipwright UI Kit - A fully editable design system built in Figma

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May 26, 2020

6:00 pm

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