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Intro to GraphQL: Give it a REST, GraphQL FTW

August 18, 2020

Getting started with GraphQL

In this intro to GraphQL tutorial, Clark Sell gives a crash course on what is GraphQL, why to use GraphQL vs Rest, using it with Apollo, walks through a GraphQL query in Insomnia, and so much more.

In this lives stream recording, Clark answers live questions about all things GraphQL with our community.

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What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a relatively new query language for APIs -- it's been around 5 years since it was open-sourced by the Facebook Engineering team and in that time it has become a front-end darling.

Unlike REST, GraphQL allows you to specify in your API requests specifically what data you need, and get back exactly that. This new approach opens up a world of possibilities for developers.

Benefits of GraphQL

  • Good fit for complex systems and micro-services
  • Ask for what you need, get exactly that
  • Get many resources in a single request
  • Describe what's possible with a type system
  • Move faster with powerful developer tools
  • Evolve your API without versions
  • Autogenerating API documentation
  • Bring your own data and code
  • and more!

Trusted by companies such as

  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Pinterest
  • Intuit
  • Coursera
  • Shopify

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